Write, Draw, Paint and Print

  • 10am-4pm The course This is a wonderful opportunity to explore and study nature’s colours in the autumn at the Museum. Discover the beautiful patterns and textures of a variety of foliage, fruits, berries, seed pods, hips and haws on this fascinating one day course.  Enjoy creating realistic botanical illustrations by drawing and painting with precision... (more info)
  • Drawing buildings in pen and inkTuesday 15 September 2020
    10am-4pm The course Learn the basic rules of perspective and learn to “sight-measure” with your pencil. You will produce a few sketches of some of the buildings in pencil in the morning (outside or the inside of a room if the weather is poor). Then in the afternoon you will be shown how to make... (more info)
  • Introduction to signwritingMonday 2 November 2020
    9.30am – 5pm The course A hands-on day to learn the basics of freehand brush lettering and sign writing.  Students will paint their own unique sign to take home.  The course is suitable for conservators, interior designers, artists, homeowners and those wanting a new hobby. Morning: Tools and their care Paint use Basic brush skills... (more info)
  • Medieval printmakingFriday 2 October 2020
    9.30am-4.30pm The course Medieval England experienced a pivotal period in the development of printmaking – Explore the materials, techniques, and illustration style of the times. Be inspired by the Museum’s exhibits, and browse a selection of historical illustrations, or bring your own ideas to design, carve, and print your own woodblock, echoing the practice of... (more info)
  • Illuminated letteringSunday 15 November 2020
    10am – 4.30pm The course Enjoy making your own decorated and gilded capital letter, which can be used to enhance your calligraphy or to create a vibrant decorative letter, using line, colour and real gold or gold gouache. You will be very busy on the day and you may wish to research an idea and... (more info)
  • 10am-4.30pm The course Uncial scripts were written from the 4th to the 8th century and even into the 12th century. There are many delightful examples and versions, and the Lindisfarne Gospels and the St Chad’s Gospels are among them. We will analyse and modernise them for today. During the day we will study the basic... (more info)
  • Inspired by the Museum: AcrylicsTuesday 22 September 2020
    10am-4pm The course A crash course in painting the beautiful historic buildings of the Museum using the comparatively modern medium of acrylic paints. In the morning we will look at different styles and methods of using acrylic paints with brushes and palette knives before making preparatory sketches outdoors. After lunch you will have time to... (more info)
  • Wood block textiles printingThursday 1 October 2020
    9.30am-4.30pm The course A hands-on day of using wooden blocks, and learn a method that is different from printing on paper; Ink pads, dabbers, or brushes are used to apply inks – the wood blocks are positioned onto the material, and pressure applied by hand, or by striking with a wooden mallet to print repeat... (more info)