Write, Draw, Paint and Print

  • Woodcut printingThursday 11 April 2019
    9.30am-4.30pm The course Learn contemporary woodcut printmaking; Be inspired by the museum, browse a selection of print illustrations, or bring ideas to create your own design. Transfer this onto a woodblock, use tools to carve the image, practicing mark making techniques, and handprint with inks onto a selection of papers. The tutor Will Dyke trained... (more info)
  • 10am-4pm The course Learn the basic rules of perspective and learn to “sight-measure” with your pencil. Using pencil, pens, chalk and charcoal, be inspired by the beautiful historic surroundings and learn to make quick, accurate and expressive sketches. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience. The tutor Kate Tugwell  is a professional artist and trained... (more info)
  • Calligraphy: Italic scriptSaturday 11 May 2019
    10am-5pm The course Spend a relaxing and enjoyable rest of the day learning how to write Italic Script and even flourish your letters with confidence. During this workshop we will take a careful look at the Italic script to ensure that we are doing it correctly. However, during the day we will relax and add... (more info)
  • Inspired by the Museum: pastel dayWednesday 19 June 2019
    10am-4pm The course In this one-day course you will make preparatory sketches in pencil from life. Then you will be shown the basics of how to paint using soft pastels and you should leave with at least one finished picture in pastel. The tutor Kate Tugwell  is a professional artist and trained tutor. She runs... (more info)
  • Introduction to signwritingWednesday 19 June 2019
    9.30am – 5pm The course A hands-on day to learn the basics of freehand brush lettering and sign writing.  Students will paint their own unique sign to take home.  The course is suitable for conservators, interior designers, artists, homeowners and those wanting a new hobby. Morning: Tools and their care Paint use Basic brush skills... (more info)
  • Drawing buildings in pen and inkWednesday 17 July 2019
    10am-4pm The course Learn the basic rules of perspective and learn to “sight-measure” with your pencil. You will produce a few sketches of some of the buildings in pencil in the morning (outside or the inside of a room if the weather is poor). Then in the afternoon you will be shown how to make... (more info)
  • Inspired by the museum: watercolour dayWednesday 4 September 2019
    10am-4pm The course Be inspired by the beautiful historic surroundings and spend a day learning to paint with watercolours. You may wish to start your painting with a light pencil sketch or create a drawing in pen before applying a watercolour wash. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience. The tutor Kate Tugwell  is... (more info)
  • 10am-4pm The course This is a wonderful opportunity to explore and study nature’s harvest here at the Museum. Discover the beautiful colours, patterns and textures of a variety of fruits and berries, seed pods, hips and haws on this fascinating one-day course. Enjoy creating realistic botanical illustrations by drawing and painting with precision and accuracy with plenty of help and guidance from your tutor.... (more info)
  • Medieval printmakingSunday 13 October 2019
    9.30am-4.30pm The course Medieval England experienced a pivotal period in the development of printmaking – Explore the materials, techniques, and illustration style of the times. Be inspired by the Museum’s exhibits, and browse a selection of historical illustrations, or bring your own ideas to design, carve, and print your own woodblock, echoing the practice of... (more info)
  • Illuminated letteringSaturday 19 October 2019
    10am – 5pm The course Enjoy making your own decorated and gilded capital letter, which can be used to enhance your calligraphy or to create a vibrant decorative letter, using line, colour and gold (the “real” stuff or gold gouache). You will be very busy on the day and you may wish to research an... (more info)
  • 10am-4.30pm The course A day aimed at those who are new to calligraphy, this day will cover the basics of using a dip pen and ink and learning the letter forms of the Uncial script, which was used most between the 4th and 8th centuries across Europe, but is still popular with calligraphers today.  After... (more info)