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Post-16 Learning: Colleges & Universities

A visit to the Weald and Downland Living Museum is a fantastic way to enhance studies at College and University level.

We offer a huge variety of ways to learn about and engage with our collections as well as benefit professionally from our experience and expertise.

The beautiful landscape, buildings and collections provide a unique and inspiring environment for those studying art and design. History students can develop critical thinking and enquiry skills beyond looking at documentary sources by getting up close to historical artefacts and buildings, and having the opportunity to discuss and debate topics with our knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

We’re also happy to facilitate visits and provide talks for Leisure and Tourism, Museum Studies and Heritage Management students.

For architecture students, there is the opportunity to learn from the past, investigating design and construction techniques as well as topics linked to building conservation and sustainability. The Museum is unique too as it delivers two MSc degrees in Building Conservation and Timber Building Conservation. Visit MSc Degrees to find out more.

Whatever your subject area we are happy to discuss these with you to develop a visit or project tailored to your needs, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


“Engaging with the diverse collections of the Weald and Downland Museum has been an invaluable resource and wonderful learning experience for our students. The team have gone above and beyond to support their individual interests, allowing us behind the scenes access to the museum stores and curatorial expertise. The ethos of the museum with its rich history and emphasis on heritage craft skills, has completely captured the students’ imaginations and they were very inspired by their visit and subsequent engagement with the team”
Louisa Taylor, Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) 3D Design & Craft, University of Brighton

How to Book

Visit our Plan & Book page for all the information you need to organise and book a visit, including prices.

Need More Information?

Please email or call us on 01243 811459

Day Courses

There is also a vibrant and exciting programme of Day Courses. Take a look at our Courses to see what’s on offer.

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