Carpenters shop from Windlesham

Carpenters’ Shop from Windlesham

On its original site the Windlesham carpenter’s shop stood in front of a small house close to the street. The glazed end faced the street and provided good light onto the workbenches.

The windows are glazed with various sizes of panes, possibly off-cuts from the business. In the gable is a small aperture, closed by a shutter, through which ladders were pushed into the building for storage across the tie beams.







Original Location

Windlesham, Surrey

Building History

Background Information

The building is simply constructed on a rough timber frame. The main posts are dug into the ground rather than being placed on a sole plate. The frame is boarded with vertical boards, the joints being closed by a cover strip, and the structure was protected by a coating of tar.

The Windlesham carpenter’s shop on its original site before being dismantled

The Windlesham carpenter’s shop on its original site before being dismantled.

When the workshop was given to the Museum it was still equipped with many of the tools and materials that had been used by the carpenter.

The benches were in position and some of the tools were still on their racks or in their boxes — much as it must have been left when Mr Dale, carpenter and undertaker, the last carpenter to use the building, ceased trading.

Top 3 Interesting Facts

Carpenters shed glazing

A Functional Building

A simple timber frame, with main posts that go directly into the ground, shows the focus on its function not looks.

Original carpentry tools

The Last Carpenter

The tools and materials of Mr Dale, the last carpenter, were left in the building much as he must have left them.

Carpenters shed gable opening

A Good Working Light

A glazed end provided good light for working and a shutter above the gable is a handy storage space for a ladder.

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