Animal pound from walton heath

Animal Pound from Walton Heath

Generally, unclaimed strays became the property of the lord of the manor after a certain period of time, often twelve months.

Pounds vary greatly in construction, from substantial stone-walled enclosures to simple post and rail fences.







Original Location

Walton Heath, Surrey


Original Site

Animal enclosure

The pound on its original site in Walton Heath.

No longer in use, animal pounds are very vulnerable, and the simpler ones decay and disappear quite rapidly, their positions known only from early maps. This particular example was on the line of the M25 motorway.

Animal pound construction detail

The animal pound at the Museum today — construction detail.

Top 3 Interesting Facts

Animal pound gate

A Simple Structure

The pound is a simple post and rail fence, designed to secure an animal found roaming.


Stray Animals

Animals straying upon the heath would be impounded until owners paid a fine for their release.

Animal pound from walton heath

Warning Sign

A written warning reminded owners of the consequences. Unclaimed animals could become the property of the landowner after around 12 months.

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