Wild food foraging

Wild Food Foraging

The Course

This course is an introduction to the world of wild food, focusing specifically on the plants and trees – and fungi if we manage to find any. We will explore their myriad of other uses, such as providing cure for ailments, refreshing drinks, or maybe something to clean your teeth with! The day consists of a non-strenuous walk to identify and gather edible species followed by a late lunch and a chance to taste the wild foods gathered.

The Tutor

John Rhyder is an expert naturalist specialising in outdoor skills and human relationships with the natural world. He offers intriguing knowledge about wildlife, tracking, plants and trees plus first hand experience of an impressive array of traditional and indigenous crafts. After working as head instructor for Ray Mears, the international survival expert, he now runs his own company Woodcraft School offering training courses in bushcraft and nature awareness in West Sussex.

Participant Information

Participants should be aware that much of the day will be spent out of doors and many paths are sloping and uneven.

Fee & Refreshments

£80 per person, including tuition, tea and coffee. Please let the Museum know in advance if you have any dietary requirements. You may bring a packed lunch or the cafe will be open.

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Mon 13 May 2024






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