stable from watersfield

This timber-framed and weatherboarded stable probably dates from the late 17th or 18th century. It contained standings for four or five horses or oxen. In the lower end of the stable is a horse-powered chaff-cutter.

stable from Watersfield

The stable from Watersfield on its original site before dismantling.

Next to the smithy is the stable from Hoe Farm, Watersfield. At the time of dismantling it was being used as a stable, but its original purpose is uncertain. A brick gulley ran down the centre of the floor of stone cobbles. Feeding racks faced the original entrance which had been sealed off with weatherboarding, and a new doorway had been made nearer to the centre.

The gulley, feeding racks, and original doorway have been restored. In order to allow the building to be used, stall divisions have been fitted. These hang from the beams of the loft floor, because there was no evidence for fixed stalls. Hanging divisions are rare now, but were once a common alternative to fixed stalls.

The building is well constructed with relatively large oak timber framing. Its date is probably mid 18th century, but could be anything between the late 17th and early 19th century.