Health and medicine through the ages for GCSE KS4

Duration: 90 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

Did medical understanding really improve over time? Were there any crazy Tudor cures that actually worked? Why was too much education though to be bad for a Victorian woman’s health? Join the Historical Home Inspectors as they visit a number of houses to explore the living conditions of our ancestors and discover the answers to these questions and more.

Focusing on themes of change and continuity this 90-minute workshop enables pupils to look at the conditions in which average people lived and consider the impact this would have had on their health and hygiene. As they move around the site, your group will be encouraged to compare and contrast between different time periods, exploring health issues linked to housing and sanitation while using the buildings to highlight the social impact of key events such as the Black Death.

Journey from the early medieval period, through the changes wrought by the Black Death to learn about and create a Tudor remedy, culminating in a visit to our Victorian cottages to consider the impact of urbanisation. Through a series of tasks and games our workshop leaders will enable you to explore the ideas people had regarding the causes and treatment of illness, and the way this has developed over time.


Health and medicine through the ages for GCSE Risk Assessment