Food through the ages KS2

Duration: 90 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

What would have been on your plate in the past? What ingredients were available? We’ll investigate different rooms in the house used for food production, the gardens and means of cooking. You will also have the chance to cook a simple bread recipe with our workshop leader and taste what you have cooked.

We will start by considering the food available to the Anglo-Saxons using a dialogue, and prepare some dough. We will leave this to rise whilst going on a walk to explore where different elements of food came from. When we return we will cook and eat the bread, try to solve some riddles and learn some more the diet of our ancestors.

We’ll also look at when the main meal of the day was and what it would have been. We talk today about seasonal produce, but this had a whole different meaning in the past and by looking in our gardens it is apparent what people would have had to eat at that time of the year. Other food could be preserved and added to the diet of our rural ancestors out of season.

Food through the ages Risk Assessment