childs life

A child’s life through the ages KS2

Duration: 90 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

What responsibilities and how much free time did children have in the past? What do we know from historical records about how the young people in the Museum’s buildings lived and how else can we find out about their lives? Did they go to school? There will be a chance during this session to have a go at playing some games, as life was not only hard work!

We’ll start the session thinking about everyday life in Anglo-Saxon England and the role of children.  Then we will go to explore a couple of buildings to see what they can tell us about how children lived at different times in the past. Finally there is a chance to test out the games and we go outside for this element if at all possible.

Images give an interesting insight into the role of a child and some give details of possible games and free time pursuits as well as the tasks everyone, including children, had to do. Looking at the layout in houses also gives us an idea of personal space, possessions and everyday life. This session includes some activities from our previous games session with new elements.

A child’s life through the ages Risk Assessment