Everyday Elizabethan Experiences for GCSE KS4

Duration: 45 minutes

Maximum numbers: 15 children

What was life like for the average Elizabethan? Go undercover in the home of Thomas Wells, a yeoman farmer in the area of Chiddingstone in the county of Kent. Here you will take on the role of a servant and complete a series of challenges to help you gather as much information as possible about the lives of common people in Elizabeth’s England.

During the course of this 45-minute workshop students will be presented with a series of challenges designed to help them discover what everyday life was like for Elizabethans outside of the high drama of the court. What clothes did they wear? What food did they eat? What chores did they do and what games did they play?

Set in the area around our 16th century farmstead, this session provides an insight into the living conditions for the rural masses, in contrast to the lives of the rich in this time period. Students will have the chance to explore the materials they used, experiment with dressing as a Tudor and have time to play some traditional Tudor games while completing their ‘spy mission’.



Everyday Elizabethan Experiences Risk Assessment