Rare & Traditional Breeds Show

A Popular Agricultural Show

The Rare & Traditional Breeds Show has become one of the South East’s most popular agricultural shows since its inception as the Singleton Show in July 1985. The Show has a strong following from exhibitors and visitors who value its friendly and traditional atmosphere, set against the backdrop of the Museum’s beautiful downland location.

The UK smallholders play a vital role in nurturing rare and traditional breeds of livestock, and hundreds of cattle, sheep, pigs and goats who have participated in the show. With prizes at stake and classes for young handlers, this event has always been hugely popular with visitors and exhibitors alike.

The Rare & Traditional Breeds Show has historically allowed visitors to watch different classes and provided opportunities to meet the producers situated around the show ring. The rare breeds that have been on show are in danger of extinction if demand for their produce isn’t maintained – a taste for quality over factory farmed, intensively raised meat products.

The Weald & Downland Living Museum is a charity that works to preserve our rural heritage. The Rare & Traditional Breeds Show has played an important role in this preservation for over 30 years and still today native breeds continue to play an important role at the Museum.

Throughout the year, we have horses, chickens, sheep and pigs who call the Museum their home; each representing breeds native to the UK. Through our Historic Life Weekends we emphasise and celebrate their importance to the rural community and the role they played.

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