• Image of Good Life event advert

    The Good Life: Revive, Recycle, Restore

    Sunday 05 May to Monday 06 May 2019
    10.30am - 5pm
    Rural communities were the masters of up-cycling and sustainable living well before it ever became fashionable. Making the most of what you had and living in harmony with the natural environment were simply a given. In modern times we’ve... (more info)
  • Exhibition: Museum Herbarium

    Friday 10 May to Sunday 23 June 2019
    Find out more about the plants in the six historic gardens at the Museum through this fascinating record, the Museum Herbarium. In this exhibition you can discover what a herbarium is and how the specimens were collected. There are pages... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Ink, Books & Quills

    Saturday 11 May to Sunday 12 May 2019
    10.30am - 5.30pm
    The production of books and the way the lettering went onto the page, to produce everything from a probate inventory to published book is the fascinating subject that will be explored in the third historic life weekend of the year. Talk to... (more info)
  • Picture of Market Square

    Dementia Action (Monday, 20 May)

    Monday 20 May 2019
    10.30am - 5.30pm
    During Dementia Action Week, we will be welcoming all visitors affected by Dementia on Monday, 20 May. Come and enjoy activities, visit and explore places on-site and meet other people affected by Dementia, you are not alone! We are... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Medieval Medicine

    Saturday 25 May to Sunday 26 May 2019
    10.30am - 5.30pm
    A weekend to explore medieval medicine and beyond. So if you were to wake up in the morning, 500 or 750 years ago and did not feel too well, or had an accident in the home, what could you have done? Where might you have gone for help? And... (more info)