MUSEUM CALENDAR: Exhibitions & conference

  • Exhibition: People’s Show

    Thursday 13 February to Monday 11 May 2020
    As part of the Weald and Downland Living Museum’s 50th Anniversary we will be holding a ‘People’s Show’ from 13th February until 11th May 2020. At the Museum we have around 16,500 items in our collection dealing with rural life and... (more info)
  • Image of treasure objects

    Historic Life Weekend: Treasured Objects

    Saturday 22 February to Sunday 23 February 2020
    11.00am - 4.00pm
    Join us for the first Historic Life Weekend of the year! With a theme of treasured objects, many collectors will gather to show of their pride possessions, whether you are a collector yourself or just want to have a look around, there will... (more info)
  • Baking Bread home page

    Historic Life Weekend: Baking Through the Ages

    Saturday 21 March to Sunday 22 March 2020
    10.30am - 4.00pm
    Bread and butter are staple foods that we almost take for granted. Yet there is much more to both than meets the eye. What were the methods used and finished bread like at different times in the past? And what might be used if wheat or... (more info)
  • wildflowers

    Historic Life Weekend: Wildflowers

    Saturday 06 June to Sunday 07 June 2020
    10.30am - 6.00pm
    A rich diversity of plants in meadows, at field edges as well as in gardens has been a feature of the countryside of our region. Find out more about wildflowers, and the insect, birds or small mammals they support, over the course of this... (more info)
  • Andy on the horse for feature page

    Historic Life Weekend: Agriculture – The Role of Horses

    Saturday 04 July to Sunday 05 July 2020
    10.30am - 6pm
    The seasons and weather conditions dictate the times to sow, harvest and undertake many different tasks needed to look after a farm or estate. During this weekend, we will have demonstrations with horses and other farming implements to... (more info)
  • wood crafts promo for feature page

    Historic Life Weekend: Heritage Crafts and Skills at Risk

    Saturday 01 August to Sunday 02 August 2020
    10.30am - 4.00pm
    There are many traditional skills and crafts that now have few people with a working knowledge of them. During this weekend we will bring together a range of craftspeople who practice different skills and offer the opportunity to see many... (more info)
  • Jez Smith playing Hurdy Gurdy

    Historic Life Weekend: Music – Historic Homes & Harmonies

    Saturday 17 October to Sunday 18 October 2020
    11.00am - 4.00pm
    This Historic Life Weekend has a theme of Music – Historic Homes & Harmonies. Come and listen to music played in the different historic homes at the Museum – some traditional melodies or songs, some played on historic... (more info)