MUSEUM CALENDAR: Demonstrations

  • Day of Dance

    Sunday 09 June 2019
    From 11am to 3.45pm
    Join us on for a Day of Dance at the Museum. There will be a number of morris sides dancing in different locations at the Museum, including in the market square area. With music, song and some chances to join in too! Draft programme for... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Wood Crafts & Uses

    Saturday 15 June to Sunday 16 June 2019
    10.30am - 5.30pm
    Wood is an essential building material, for homes, furniture and much more.  During this weekend you can find out about the way it is worked into the different forms, with demonstrations from a range of craftspeople and displays. For... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Midsummer & Plant Lore

    Saturday 22 June to Sunday 23 June 2019
    10.30am - 5.30pm
    A special interest weekend at midsummer with talks and tours through our 6 historic gardens and displays to explore traditional ideas and uses around different herbs and plants. Each of the gardens is set to the era of the home it... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Saxon Archaeology

    Saturday 20 July to Sunday 21 July 2019
    10.30am - 5.30pm
    To coincide with the nation-wide Festival of Archaeology, we will have a weekend of demonstrations and displays relating to the finds that have been left from the fascinating Saxon era. Alongside displays of pottery, textiles and other... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Harvest

    Saturday 03 August to Sunday 04 August 2019
    10:30am - 5:30pm
    Join us at the Museum on this special weekend to enjoy seasonal demonstrations focusing on the harvest. Over the course of this weekend you can find out about the harvesting season, starting from June until the Autumn. Find out more about... (more info)
  • Saddles & Steam: Horse Power to Horse Power

    Saturday 17 August to Sunday 18 August 2019
    10.30am - 5pm
    Celebrating every mode of transport from our four legged friends to the invention of the combustion engine, this two day Summer hit will be packed with horse displays, an army of steam engines, World War vehicles and classic cars to name... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Textiles

    Saturday 31 August to Sunday 01 September 2019
    11.00am - 5.00pm
    Find out about the production of textiles, with a focus on wool and flax, as well as the later stages of spinning, weaving, braiding and natural dyeing. There is much to inspire modern makers from the skills of the past. We will also have... (more info)
  • Autumn Countryside Show - Weald & Downland Living Museum

    Autumn & Countryside Show: Farming, Food, Horticulture

    Saturday 05 October to Sunday 06 October 2019
    10.30am - 5pm
    Experience the sights and sounds of the countryside, and celebrate the end of the harvest at this wonderful seasonal show! Our popular seasonal show features traditional working demonstrations – including heavy horses and vintage... (more info)
  • Historic Life Weekend: Fire & Light

    Saturday 02 November to Sunday 03 November 2019
    11.00am - 4.00pm
    Today we can come home to a house that can often be heated quickly, with the means to cook rapidly and light at the flick of a switch. A walk through the Museum during this weekend will give a better idea of how homes in the past were lit... (more info)