Travel Bursary Application

Travel Bursary Application Form

The Weald & Downland Living Museum Travel Bursary is available as full or part payment for travel to and from the Museum up to a maximum of £400 per school/college per year. It does not cover the cost of entry or workshops, these fees are still applicable.

To receive the bursary the schools/colleges must be in Hampshire, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex or West Sussex and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • 10% or more pupils eligible for free school meals
  • 10% or more pupils in school/college eligible for pupil premium
  • School/college is in special measures
  • Is a Special School or has a high proportion of SEND pupils
  • Can prove any other form of pupil deprivation e.g. rural isolation

Once we have received your application we will let you know if your application has been successful and confirm the amount of the award. Please note that once a bursary has been awarded, the school/college pays the travel costs in the first instance. The Museum then reimburses the costs after your trip on receipt of a completed evaluation form and an invoice from you with a copy of the coach invoice or receipt.

Funding is limited so if you would like to apply, please don’t delay. Bursaries are awarded on a first-come first-served basis whilst funds are available, and applications must be received at least 28 days before your visit.

Please complete the application form below, stating why your school/college would be unable to visit without the bursary funding. Applications will be assessed based on the above criteria but will be strengthened by the accompanying information you provide.

Information submitted on this form will be used to process your booking and will not be shared outside of this organisation.

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