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Thinking ourselves back in time – part 1 (sights)

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Thinking ourselves back in time: sights

With the rain feeding our gardens and the sun getting ready to reappear, many of us are currently stuck inside! Why not take a little time to sit by a window and notice what you can see outside? Make a list or draw a picture of what you can see.

Of all the things on your list or in your pictures, how many of them would have been there if we stepped back in time? See if you can answer the questions below? You might need to undertake a little research!

What building materials did you notice when you looked outside?

In the distant past, people’s homes were built using local materials – what materials can you see in the photographs below, of houses at the Weald & Downland Living Museum? Where would those materials have come from? Make a pictorial map of your local area but make the houses look old fashioned – or maybe they already do?



How many of the houses you can see from your window have chimneys?

Modern houses are rarely built with a chimney – why is that? Only one of these houses (pictured above) has a chimney, so in the other one, it would have been pretty smoky when they lit the fire – the hearth is in the middle of the floor in the main room!

Can you see any trees from your window?

Woodlands in the past were often privately owned – landowners could be the king or queen, wealthy landowners, or even the church. Most people did not have a right to the resources from them… If you had a woodland, what would you be able to get from it that could be useful? See if you can think of ten things!

Watch ‘Dog at Weald and Downland’ on YouTube if you want to see a dog’s-eye view of the museum!

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