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History Gang 1st birthday!

By 4 February 2015January 26th, 2021No Comments

The History Gang, our youth group, has just turned 1! They all met for the first time in January 2014 and over the course of their sessions during the year have undertaken a wide range of activities.

These include games and getting to know each other; trying their hand at blacksmithing and milling; having a go at wattle and daub; creating lino print Easter cards; meeting the Tudor Group; making bread and butter (and eating it); interviewing the Museum Director; learning historic dances; getting to grips with woodland skills; understanding, caring and enjoying the Museum; helping out at the stables; and making willow Christmas decorations.

In the summer holidays we had an optional weekend camp, packed with activities and having fun as a group!

HG activity small  HG looking after buildings small HG interview the director small





“Working as a volunteer with the History Gang is great fun! We help to organise a wide range of activities including cooking, dancing, exploring the Museum exhibits, working with the horses and generally enjoying the site. The children that come along get on really well and last year the Summer Camp was very successful, so I’m really looking forward to this years calender of events.” – Katrina

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