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Easter decorations – fun with or without eggs!

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Decorative Easter eggs

Easter has been an important time of year for centuries, especially when religion strongly influenced people’s lives.

It is easy to imagine people decorating many of the buildings that we know at the Museum for Easter with yew (representing the palms of Palm Sunday) or Pussy Willow with its pretty yellow fluffiness.

They would have been ready for better weather and longer days and hoping for abundant food supplies and good harvests to come.

Of course, very difficult times (because nothing much was growing yet) meant Easter wasn’t yet the time of plenty, but Christ’s re-birth and the symbolism of new life represented by eggs, meant time not only for devotion, but for appropriate celebrations too.

Nowadays, Easter-time may also be marked by other activities beyond religion. Spring, fun, family, holidays, food, decorating the home and chocolate all play a part.

See the links below for some great ideas for you and your family to try at home this Easter:


Cut some twiggy branches, put them in a jug or vase and hang your decorations from them.

We would love to see your Easter decoration, please share your creations with us on wishing you all a very Happy Easter!

Article written by our wonderful Outreach Officer, Heather.