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The South Downs National Park has long been recognised as one of the exceptional landscapes of England, celebrated by poets, writers and artists for its homely, pastoral charms and comfortable, gentle contours.

Nestled in the stunning Lavant valley between the villages of Singleton and West Dean, visitors to the Museum cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the natural beauty of this eastern end of the West Dean Estate. Set in the South Downs National Park, the natural setting certainly helps to generate a calming atmosphere and giving visitors a picture of the past through stunning architecture provides a fresh perspective on current worries.

Visitors are welcome to simply soak up the tranquil atmosphere of the Museum and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Ready to explore? Check out our walking trails below.

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Trails to Explore

Sculpture Trail

The sculpture trail winds its way through the top section of the Museum’s 40-acre woodland site, just above the woodyard, and allows visitors to experience an enchanting walk, discovering various iron tree markers along the way. The iron tree markers were made by the British Artist Blacksmith Association and form an interesting ‘henge’ that helps visitors identify different types of trees in the weald and downland region.

Metal signposts on sculpture trail

Self-led Trails

With various paths to take, there are plenty of self-led trails to discover; explore over fifty historic buildings, six historic gardens or take a look at the historic life demonstrations and woodland management. On your route you may see farm animals wandering round the museum’s grounds or you might spot our heavy horses carrying out traditional seasonal farming activities.

Walking trail sign post

However you choose to spend your time, the Weald & Downland Living Museum offers a welcome escape from our fast paced lives, with plenty of opportunity to find some peace and put the world on pause.

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