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Saxon building update 3: Thatching

By 16 November 2015January 26th, 2021No Comments

Thatching of the Saxon building took place in late September and early October 2015.

Master Thatcher, Chris Tomkins, worked with his colleagues Andy Pickering and Daryl Mallows to not only create a beautiful roof but also to tutor course participants on one day and chat to visitors about what they were doing.

The straw used was grown at the Museum last year, and towards the end they also used some that was grown this year and threshed at the Autumn Countryside Show.

Thatching Thatching Thatching (9) smallThatching (11) small

The next stage is wattling, which will take place over the winter months 2015-2016. Then the walls will be daubed from March 2016.

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