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Museum takeover day today!

By 20 November 2015January 26th, 2021No Comments

Today, Friday 20 November, a group of 51 pupils from Easebourne Primary School took over the museum and here are some photos and words from the pupils to describe their day.

Today we found out:
What it is like to work in a museum!
That they send letters to Japan, USA and Canada.
How to seal bags at the mill.
To be accurate you have to have strength, patience and tough.
If you put wax on a rusty piece of equipment, it is unlikely it will be rusty.
I helped Ann with the Christmas cards and found out how many volunteers there are.
How to look out and see if a person is hurt to help them.
It is quite hard running a museum!

Today we enjoyed:
I enjoyed seeing the different types of animals whilst taking pictures.
Sitting on an office chair and doing a proper job.
I liked learning how to cook! Awesome!
I enjoyed polishing the artefacts because it was fun!
I liked the old school because there was a MASSIVE book.
Lying on the bed in Bayleaf. I learned that we share a similar sort of life to before Henry the eight.
I loved it all!

More images are in our Facebook album.