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Museum apologises for traffic delays

By 16 November 2015January 11th, 2021No Comments

Despite the terrible conditions over the weekend brought about by the wet and windy weather, we experienced an extremely busy Christmas market with around 9,000 visitors.

Due to the weather, our overflow car park became muddy and slippery, with large sections left unusable after Saturday. However, our team of volunteers and staff did everything within their power to ensure cars entered the site and were parked safely.

Richard Pailthorpe, Museum Director, said:

“Our team were in an impossible situation, with guests wishing to enter the Museum site as quickly as possible but the parking facilities necessitated a slow and careful approach due to the wet and muddy conditions. We apologise wholeheartedly for any inconvenience caused to those impacted by the traffic waiting to enter our site. The event did not attract record numbers of visitors although it was remarkably successful in light of the weather conditions.”

We would like to thank people for their understanding and to assure them that our team did everything that it could to resolve the situation as soon as was possible.

We offer our sincere apologies to those affected by the traffic and delays to car parking.