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Longport Exhibition

By 13 September 2021No Comments

Have you ever wondered how the Museum moves its buildings? Or why a building might be moved? Find out in the exhibition now on in the Michael Burton Gallery, in Longport Farmhouse. The exhibition will run from Saturday 5 September and will finish on Tuesday 30 November.

This exhibition deals with a key element of the museums activity; rescuing at-risk historic buildings. Here you will gain an understanding of how and why we collect buildings whilst focusing upon Longport Farmhouse.

Longport Farmhouse was originally located near Folkestone in Kent with the earliest parts dating from about 1500, although there have been many phases of subsequent construction throughout its life until about 1900. Throughout the exhibition we will give you an understanding of those phases, why we relocated it here and how we did it.

To begin with, we will deal with our exhibit buildings in general; showing the various methods involved with researching, understanding and transferring a structure to our site, and why we do so in the first place.