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A Hosier milking bail

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Archers addicts have been avidly following the “will they won’t they” leave Brookfield storyline, involving David, Ruth and family.

Part of the back story has involved David’s grandfather, Dan, who ran an “open air dairy”.

This system of dairy farming was invented during the economic depression of the 1930’s by Arthur Hosier, who kept his herd out all year round, which lowered his feed and veterinary costs and enabled him to sell his milk directly to the customers, at an affordable price.

Hosier logo

The innovation was to take the milking parlour to the cows, in the field. The Hosier milking bail, as it was known, was the mobile milking and refrigeration machine that made it all possible.

Milking bail

The Museum has an example of one of Arthur Hosier’s milking bails, currently stored behind the Stable from Watersfield, which is awaiting conservation.