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What it’s like to be: Heritage Marketing Trainee

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Heritage Marketing Trainee, George Grime, reflects on his time working at the Museum. George’s 6-month placement, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, ran from from October 2016 – April 2016.

“I applied for the marketing traineeship here at the Museum because it’s a unique environment; it is not only unique in what makes it a visitor attraction, but after working in the Longport farmhouse office, it’s clearly unique in the way the team go about things. It’s given me a breadth of experience assisting with many roles other than my own.

George Grime - HLF Heritage Marketing Trainee - Oct 2015 to April 2016

I was a novice before I started here and I hoped that completing a traineeship in marketing would give me the time and knowledge in the field, enabling me to advance further.

Working on the Museum’s Heritage Lottery-Funded Gateway Project, I’ve helped to document the project by taking photos, interviewing staff and writing articles to share on social media. Through this I’ve enhanced my skills as a photographer and copywriter, researching and writing blogs for the Museum’s website and helping to compile the monthly email newsletter and volunteers’ newsletter.

Overall, the traineeship has given me a good grounding in content marketing, and a better sense of what customers want and need to see, and how to communicate with them in the tone of voice representative of the institution, but also in a way that drives activity.

The most challenging aspect of my traineeship has been the volume of work that there is to do. I enjoy a challenge and have adapted well to the environment, but (as is experienced by everybody here) working as part of such a small team can be tough.

I will definitely take my new-found knowledge away with me and apply it to future roles. I has been great to spend time in an office environment, learning how to adapt to a working schedule and to think on my feet.

I’d like to thank everyone who supported me in my work, who was the target of a photograph or who simply shared a joke with me from time to time. It’s those things – and the willingness of your colleagues to do so – that make a job enjoyable and worthwhile.”

The Museum team would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting the role of Heritage Marketing Trainee for six months, and also George for his hard work.

We wish him the best of luck with his future career.

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