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Gateway Project update

By 31 January 2017January 26th, 2021No Comments

We are now entering the final phases of our Gateway Project and the next two months will see completion of our £5.6 million visitor centre, which we plan to open in May 2017.

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The scaffolding has just been removed and we can now get a really good feel for the buildings. A number of works – such as glazing, roofing, guttering, cladding internally and externally, services, biomass boiler, and floor screeding – have been completed or are ongoing, with completion due during February.

The galleries will be handed over for fitting out at the beginning of the month, and the displays that will sit within them are currently being made.

Roofing works

Roofing works are now complete and the 56,000 cleft sweet chestnut shakes fitted to the two largest ‘anchor’ buildings look extremely impressive, contrasting with the Keymer peg tiles and zinc on the other roofs.

Car park

Work on our car park is ongoing, including the construction of the pedestrian footpath. The new driveway has been in use since the end of last year, as have a number of the reconfigured parking bays.


The footpath running to the new complex will be fenced with chestnut pales (similar to the previous fence), which is being supplied by the Stansted Estate and erected by a local Singleton contractor.

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Mill pond

Work to the mill pond has been progressing well and the new lining, landscaping works and decking should hopefully be complete by mid-February.

The stonework around the mill race and the base around the wind pump have been repaired.

The mill will be receiving a new mill shaft and, after testing, should be operational again during March when the pond has been refilled.

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Sole Street

Work on the exterior of the medieval house from Sole Street – including the roof tiling, exterior daubing and brick paver flooring – was completed at the end of 2016.

Two internal partition walls are now being daubed, which will be completed as soon as the weather becomes milder. Some landscaping, including fencing and the digging of a ditch, will be undertaken as soon as circumstances permit.