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Museum to welcome film crew 5 – 10 January 2015

By 16 December 2014January 11th, 2021No Comments

We are pleased to welcome a film crew to the Museum from Monday 5 January until Saturday 10 January 2015 inclusive.

They will be working in and around the Museum’s Market Square area, Pendean Farmhouse (map ref 18) and Bayleaf farmhouse (map ref 12), with the majority of the activity and set-dressing taking place in the Market Square area.

When the Museum is open to the public on Wednesday 7 January 2015 access to the Market Square area and Pendean Farmhouse will be restricted, and on Saturday 10 January the crew will be working within the Market Square to remove the set dressing.

We would ask you to be guided by Museum staff and volunteers, or the crew themselves, as to whether it is safe to enter an area where they are working.

Please note that any photos you take should not be shared with any third party – thank you.

We hope you enjoy seeing the crew at work and thank you for your co-operation.