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Conserving Titchfield Market Hall 

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Titchfield main shot

By Ed Morton, Conservation Accredited Engineer, The Morton Partnership Ltd

Ejm photo2As a Conservation Accredited Engineer, I am privileged to currently be working with Weald & Downland Living Museum on the conservation and repair of the Titchfield Market Hall, which dates back to the 16th century and is located at the heart of the Museum.

The building has so far undergone several surveys. These include a specialist ecology survey to assess the environmental impact of any works and detail any constraints we need to be conscious of, for example birds, bats and other wildlife. We have also undertaken detailed analysis of the fabric and design of the building. This enables us to ensure the right materials are used for repairs which are both durable as well as traditional and in keeping with the heritage of the building.

Our plan going forward is to remove the tiles and brick infill panels and then reassess the structure to check the repairs required while looking for any further evidence of its original form and detail. Whilst this information is reasonably well known from the original re-erection some 50 years ago, and subsequent study, our understanding of such buildings is now greater so we relish the opportunity to learn more about the Market Hall.

Titchfield 1 1The Museum is an amazing resource for education and conservation, showcasing a whole range of buildings from different times, all which would have been lost if not re-erected here. We are custodians of these buildings for only a short period and I feel it is vital for us to play our part retaining and caring for these relics for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

The cost of the project is a little over £500,000. The Museum has raised significant amounts to date and has launched The Titchfield Appeal, a public appeal that invites you to help conserve Titchfield Market Hall and protect it for the next 400 years. If you would like to be part of something historic please do get in touch: fundraising@wealddown.co.uk, call 01243 811016 or visit www.wealddown.co.uk for more information.