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Blacksmith creates latch for new dairy

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Blacksmith creating a latch for the new dairy

Volunteer blacksmith, Nick Wedlock (pictured), recounts a recent job for the Weald & Downland Living Museum’s new dairy building.

Nick explains, “I was recently asked if it might be possible for me to make a new thumb latch for the dairy building that is being re-erected on the Museum site. It was to be based on the damaged original, and this task is never as straightforward as making something from your imagination. For it to be accurate to the original you have to keep on going back and measuring and then re-producing these measurements in the new version.”

metal latches made in forge for dairy

“This particular job posed a few technical issues for me. As you can see from the photos it has a decorative section in the middle of the handle. This would usually be made using a top and bottom swage (a sort of mould). Since we didn’t have anything suitable in the forge, I needed to find a different technique. What I decided to do was use something called ‘upsetting’.”

The ‘upsetting’ technique

“Upsetting’ involves heating the metal quenching it off either side of the piece you want to increase in diameter and then hitting it on the end to increase the diameter. Once this was achieved I filed the profile on. Although this is quite laborious I think the final result was successful. With this successfully achieved, the rest was all really fairly straightforward!”

“Jobs like this are one of the reasons I like working in the Forge; you never know what is going to turn up next.”

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