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A pair of Percheron!

By 30 March 2017March 15th, 2021No Comments
Percheron horse, Olwyn (right)

Heavy horses Olwyn and Ollie have arrived and visitors are in for a real treat when they visit the stables.

New arrivals Olwyn and Ollie, a delightful pair of Percheron horses, arrived on Friday, 24 March. They join the Museum’s team of working heavy horses, which also includes Shires Mac and Major.

Olwyn and Ollie are both three years of age, and will be trained to carry out traditional farming tasks around the Museum site, which include pulling a cart, hay cutting and turning, plus ploughing.


Olwyn (stable name Connie) was born on 16 April 2014 and is a Harbridge mare sired by Willingham Axl to the mare Eltra Dawn. Robert Sampson’s Harbridge Farm is situated on the Somerley Estate between Ringwood and Fordingbridge.

Ollie (stable name Eider du Don) also came to the Museum from Harbridge Farm but originates from a French dairy farm (where 160 mares are milked – horse milk has mainly pharmaceutical uses) sired by Viking des Grappes to Rosy de la Chevalerie.

A new generation of working horses

Olwyn and Ollie will provide the Museum with its next generation of working heavy horses. Museum Horseman, Mark Buxton, plans for Olwyn to produce a foal for Spring 2018. As Ollie is a gelding, it is Mark’s plan to return Olwyn to stud at Harbridge Farm.