School outreach

Why not let us come to you?

We know that a visit to our unique museum is a truly memorable school trip, indeed many adult visitors share with us with their memories of a visit with their school. However, we understand that travel is expensive due to fuel cost increases which is why we have launched a schools outreach programme. We also hope that for certain groups who require further preparation it may be very useful for us to help with stage and/or consolidate information after a visit.

Life in Medieval, Tudor and Victorian times.

In a session designed to last 45 minutes for KS1 and between 45-60 minutes for older pupils. We will examine objects which tell us about everyday life in the chosen period. The context will be set as one of our buildings and our leader will bring historic clothing from the period, which they will normally wear and for the Tudor and Victorian period there is clothing that a couple of children in the class can try on over their school uniforms to explain what they would have worn.
The workshop is designed to be fun and curriculum focussed. In order to enable us to consolidate and complement your lessons we ask teachers to provide information on what you will have already covered and any specific focus you may like us to cover on booking. This allows us to prepare and bring the most appropriate materials with us.

We have sessions are designed for primary and secondary pupils.

£110 for one session; £150 for two sessions; £190 for three sessions. In addition we charge mileage at 45p per mile for the round trip from the museum to your school.

Other practicalities:

  • The activities are designed for a class group at a time, to allow for interaction. An ideal space for us to use is one with a table for our leader to lay out some items and space for the children to sit in a horseshoe around them, but not behind tables. If you are interested in several classes doing a session in one day please talk to us to arrange this.
  • We will need to discuss a start time with you, but generally not before 9.30am to allow for travel and setting up time.
  • Please remember that teachers remain responsible for their pupils for the duration of the session so we expect as a minimum a class teacher to be present at all times.

To find out more or make a booking please phone our school bookings line: 01243 811459 or email [email protected]