Literacy Resources

Why not link your visit to our Museum with a literacy project using the resources below.

The projects feature a variety of activities, with resources designed to be used before during or after your visit.

The resources cover a range of topics and can be linked to various Museum-led workshops. For more information on this please contact our Schools Team on 01243 811 459


A child’s life through the ages

‘Work, work, work ‘ – KS2 creative writing

‘Work’: a play – KS2 creative writing



Anglo-Saxons: Introductory PowerPoint

Anglo-Saxon comprehensions – KS2 Comprehension activity

Anglo-Saxons: ‘The Ruin’ – KS2 Poetry response questions

Anglo-Saxons: My Ruin – KS2 Creative writing

Anglo-Saxons: ‘The Wanderer’ – KS2 Poetry response and comprehension questions

Anglo Saxons: ‘The Wanderer’ Before and After – KS2 Creative writing


Clothing through the ages

‘Get dressed! ‘ – KS2 Writing for purpose

‘What are you wearing’ – KS2 Creative writing

‘Tell me a story!’ – KS2 Creative writing


Examining the evidence: Bricks

‘Another brick in the wall’ – KS2 Writing for purpose

‘Another brick in the wall’ images – Picture resources


Examining the evidence: The Caravan

The caravan – Introductory PowerPoint images

‘The caravan’ comprehension – Lower KS2 Comprehension questions

‘The caravan’ – Upper KS2 Creative writing


Farming Through the ages

‘Sheep’ – KS1-2 Introductory PowerPoint

‘Sheep’ – KS1-2 Teacher-led session

Shepherd comprehensions – KS2 Comprehension questions

‘Inside the hut ‘ – Descriptive writing

‘A shepherd’s song ‘ – KS2 Creative writing

‘Southdown sheep are the greatest! ‘ – KS2 Persuasive writing

Farming though the ages images – Visual Aids


Food Through the Ages

‘Dinnertime! ‘ – KS2 Persuasive writing


Health & Medicine through the Ages

‘A charm to heal ‘ – KS2 Creative writing

‘The best herb of all ‘ – KS2 Poetry



‘Buy my house!’ – Persuasive writing

‘An argument’ – Persuasive writing

‘Come to stay!’ – Persuasive writing

‘Dear diary’ – Creative writing

‘Two poets’ – Poetry writing


Time detectives: The Toll House

Time detectives: Toll House – Introductory PowerPoint

Time detectives: Toll House – Teacher-led session

Time detectives: Toll House – Site visit questions

Time detectives: Toll House – Site visit answers for teachers

‘Pay here!’ – Creative writing

‘Read all about it!’ – writing for purpose