The Golden Future Campaign: Titchfield Market Hall

Restoring the Heart of the Museum

Standing at the heart of the Museum’s market square, dating from c.1620 is Titchfield Market Hall, iconic and recognisable to many. It is typical of a seventeenth century market hall; an upstairs council chamber, and an open trading arcade at street level, complete with offenders ‘lock up’.

Once common across the UK, market halls were largely demolished in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Titchfield Market Hall itself was subject to a demolition order but was saved and brought to the Museum in 1971. Since then, water ingress, time and environmental impacts have taken their toll and now its timber frame is in need of significant conservation.

At nearly 400 years old, achieving the extensive work Titchfield Market Hall needs will be painstaking work.  The project will begin with in-depth research to provide information of the Hall’s history and its original structure.  A team of trained crafts professionals will then dismantle the building tile by tile, timber by timber and brick by brick for careful conservation.  Upon completion, Titchfield Market Hall will once more take its position at the heart of our market square, resplendent and secure to stand for another 400 years.

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