The Golden Future Campaign: The 50 Fund

Bringing Rural History to Life

A core purpose of the Museum is to conserve our collection of historic buildings and bring them to life with live demonstrations.

At the mercy of mother nature, the conservation needs of our buildings, coupled with finding the resources to bring over 50 of them to life, year-round, is a significant challenge.

Many of our buildings have complex care needs, made as they are from timber frames, thatch, daub, lime plaster, brick and stone. They require regular maintenance and sensitive, skilled repair.

Our interpretation team bring to life significant areas of the Museum aided by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers. Through this team, visitors can experience a Victorian school lesson, how a bakehouse of the 1920s worked, the importance of a village blacksmith to their community and how a Tudor farmstead functioned. But we want to do more. We are a Living Museum and with greater means we will be able to increase our interpretation team. With an increased team we can bring more buildings to life more frequently, adding to the visitor experience.

The 50 Fund will provide the financial means to do this. It will allow us to respond confidently to our conservation needs and more fully tell the story of rural life.

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