The Golden Future Campaign: Endowment

Underpinning the Museum’s future

An endowment is a capital sum that is invested, grown and in turn releases an annual financial grant back to the charity for which it has been created. The larger the endowment, the greater the grant can be and the greater financial security it offers.

We have a unique opportunity to grow our modest Endowment with matched funding from the Heritage Fund. All donations we raise towards the Endowment will be matched, pound for pound by the Heritage Fund. We are one of only fifteen charities nationwide who have been given this opportunity.

The Endowment creates a truly lasting legacy for the Museum and provides the financial resilience we need to educate and inspire future generations. Donations are not spent. They are invested in perpetuity and generate funds for the Museum forevermore.

The funds are directed wherever the need is greatest, be that specialist conservation work for one of our rescued buildings, new equipment for our growing family of livestock or new research into the social history of our collection.

Help us double our money and build our future legacy.

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