The Golden Future Campaign: Access

Making the Museum an Experience for Everyone

The Museum sits in 40 acres of rolling countryside. With woodlands, rural pathways and a mix of cobbles, earth and gravel, it can be difficult for visitors to navigate. We have ambitious plans to improve access for all. We will start by upgrading our car park to give wheelchair and pushchair users a smoother ride. Inside the Museum we will improve pathways, re-surfacing, underpinning and levelling where necessary, taking care to be sensitive to the Museum’s historic setting. Additionally, we will upgrade visitor bathrooms for greater comfort and disabled access.

But this is by no means the extent to our ambitions. In addition to improving physical access we will develop new resources that support visitors with additional needs and we will further open up access to our artefacts collection.

Finally, we will improve access for schools with a dedicated schools’ bursary. Schools are increasingly struggling to fund field trips amid financial pressures. However, the benefits of learning outside the classroom are well documented.  It can re-motivate children who do not thrive in a classroom environment and is known to improve standards back inside the classroom, raising attainment, reducing truancy and improving discipline. Our schools’ bursary will allow us to finance trips and workshops for schools who would struggle to self-fund a visit. It will enable a greater number and diversity of school children to enjoy, and benefit, from all the Museum has to offer.

Our aim is to make the Museum and our collections accessible for all.

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