Tree dressing at the Weald & Downland Living Museum

Tree Dressing

Tree Dressing is a magical occasion for all the family, celebrating the importance of trees in our lives.

On Sunday, 6 December and on Sunday, 13 December 2020, we will be holding an adapted, social distanced, version of the Museum’s annual Tree Dressing event. This year, we invite you to bring a pre-decorated jam jar lantern and an optional headdress* before you arrive.

This year there are a few changes – we will have a long procession around the Museum starting at 3.45pm. We would suggest you bring a means to light your jam jar lantern, or perhaps put a small torch in the lantern to light it for you as you walk.

Musicians will lead the procession and a drum will help us all keep the beat whilst keeping a distance. Expect to walk a longer route than previous years, but we will not rush.

When we return to the market square there will be some lanterns already around the Aspen trees and anyone who would like to, can add their own lantern to a circle of light on benches that will encircle the Aspen trees.

As dusk falls, enjoy listening to the music and watching the lanterns flicker.

* Due to the pandemic, sadly visitors won’t be able to make the usual headdress and lantern jam jars from inside the Gridshell building this year. We appreciate your continued support whilst we work to adapt our events and activities within the current restrictions.

Instructions to Make Your Own Jam Jar Lantern

For the jam jar lantern you need:

  • a clean jam jar
  • some string (for a handle)
  • tissue paper, and
  • glue

For the Headdress

Why not use a hat as a basis of it and decorate either with a piece of green ribbon or scarf, and either make some paper leaves to adorn it or if you have access at home to a garden where you can pick some greenery perhaps you could add that in.

Please note there will be no materials available at the Museum for either activity this year.

What is Tree Dressing Day?

Based on an ancient custom that celebrates the life-giving properties of trees, Tree Dressing takes place during National Tree Week (28 Nov – 6 Dec 2020). With its origins in the Green Man legends and other ancient customs, these days, we will celebrate trees and the natural world.

Even in this extraordinary year, we would like you to join us, in a socially distanced way, to take time to appreciate and to notice some of the different trees at the Museum, as part of National Tree Week

Opening Times

Entry is by pre-booked tickets only.

Visitors wishing to join the procession should aim to arrive promptly in order to participate in the final procession, which starts at 3.45pm and closes the day.

Regular Museum admission prices apply (free for Annual Members of the Museum).

There is free parking and dogs on leads are welcome (including in our café).


Sun 13 December 2020