Replicas & Reality: The Heritage Values of Replication & Reconstruction (conference)

Tuesday 13 September 2016


A one-day conference exploring the heritage value of replica – replicas from archaeology, replicas to mitigate destruction, replicas for experimentation, and replicas simply for fun! Replicas stimulate research and provide practical training, and the results provoke debate about heritage values and the significance of historic buildings. Are replicas “a feeble and lifeless forgery” in Morris’s words, wrought by “by the tricky hand of some unoriginal and thoughtless hack”? Or can they bring inspiration and delight, not only to visitors and users but also to those who use skill and passion to create them?

Projects with an element of replication are very diverse – including Shakespeare’s Globe and Guédelon Castle, Warsaw and Dresden, Windsor Castle and Uppark, Butser Ancient Farm and West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, Colonial Williamsburg and the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum. The conference will give an opportunity to discuss projects such as these and to pose the question: heritage significance or architectural ersatz?

Speakers are:

  • Matthew Slocombe, Director of SPAB – Feeble and lifeless forgeries: can replication have any value?
  • David Eveleigh, Director of Collections & Learning at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust IRONBRIDGE GORGE MUSEUM TRUST – Real Lives, Real Stories and Real Replicas
  • Steve Burrow, Head of Historic Properties at St Fagans National History Museum –Recreating the worlds of Iron Age Celts and Welsh Princes
  • Lucy Hockley, Head of Interpretation WDOAM and Joe Thompson, Carpenter-in-residence WDOAM – Constructing the Anglo-Saxon building at the WDOAM
  • Caroline Stanford, Historian and Head of Engagement of the Landmark Trust – Re-inhabiting historic buildings: replicas or new realities?
  • Peter McCurdy, Director of McCurdy & Co – Reconstructing the Globe theatre – the craft of re-creating an historic timber framed building
  • Sophie Chessum, Project Curator, Clandon Park, National Trust – Clandon Park: significance and survival
  • Knut Einar Larsen, Former Professor at the Faculty of Architecture at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTNU) – Rebuilding of Japan’s ancient temples

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Conference fee

£85 per person, £60 for students.

Places include refreshments and lunch.



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