Wall framing

Oak Timber Framing: Wall Framing

The Course

In this workshop, participants will learn how to line out, scribe, cut and fit braces and studs to a simple frame constructed during a previous workshop.

It will include demonstrations on how to use power tools as well as hand tools and aims to develop students’ knowledge and experience in dealing with the problems faced by carpenters framing with ‘wet’ or ‘green’ oak in the past. You will learn how to frame timbers together to ensure the correct lengths, bevels and allowances, and gain experience in plumb bob scribing, chalk line and spirit level layout.

This is one of three Oak framed building workshops and by completing all three students will have covered the lining out and cutting of all the joints required for a simple one-bay timber framed building.

Timber Framing from Scratch – Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 379Kb)

The Tutor

Joe Thompson of Sussex Oak & Iron is the MSc Timber Building Conservation Programme Leader at the Weald & Downland Living Museum. He teaches a range of historic carpentry courses at the Museum. He has developed a keen analytical eye and a scholar’s passion for following and interpreting the evidence along with a natural skill in teaching.

Participant Information

The course will be limited to 8 participants, and is suitable for everybody, from complete beginners to experienced carpenters. As most work will take place in the unheated Gridshell workshop, warm and practical clothing should be worn and a pair of steel-toe safety boots are required. Stills photography and note taking is encouraged. Video photography is not permitted.

Fee & Refreshments

£595 per person for the workshop. This includes tuition, tools and materials, teas and coffees. Please let the Museum know if you have any dietary requirements. Lunch is available in the Museum cafe and at local pubs.

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Mon–Fri 22–26 July 2024






Timber Framing from Scratch