Inspired by museum artefacts: oils

Inspired by Museum Artefacts: Oils

The Course

A step-by-step course in painting with a limited palette of oil paints using still life objects from the museum to inspire us. In the morning we will look at the importance of composition, balance and arrangement before setting a ground, sketching onto the canvas and establishing tone. After lunch we will finish our paintings using brushes and perhaps palette knives for additional texture. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

The Tutor

Kate Tugwell is a professional artist and trained tutor. She runs a range of courses, drop-in classes and one-to-one tuition at various venues in West Sussex. Visit www.katesartclasses.com to learn more about the tutor.

Participant Information

Please bring: Some oil paper, canvases or canvas boards primed for use with oils, minimum A4-size (you may get to do more than one painting!); traditional or fast-drying alkyd oil paints (to include minimum of titanium white, burnt or raw umber, burnt or raw sienna and a red, a blue and a yellow); a wooden palette or tear-off palette; a selection of synthetic or hog hair brushes (rounds, flats or filberts/ small medium and large); palette knives (optional); a board or table easel to lean on (or standing easel if you like to paint standing up); jam jar with lid for thinners; ‘Zest-it dilutant and brush cleaner’ or low-odour turps; linseed oil (optional); masking tape; kitchen towel or lint-free rags; baby-wipes; clingfilm and newspaper or something to protect your wet painting on the way home. Please wear old clothes or bring an apron.

Fee & Refreshments

£65 per person, this includes tuition, tea and coffee. Please let the Museum know in advance if you have any dietary requirements. You can bring your own packed lunch or the café will be open at lunchtime.

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Tue 19 October 2021




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