Make a traditional longbow

How to Shoot a Traditional Longbow

The Course

An introduction to the art and craft of longbow archery. The day focuses on the history and traditions of this remarkable weapon, including intensive tuition in the practice of longbow archery, using a range of different bows. Suitable for the beginner and more experienced archer alike. 

The Tutor

Jonathan Davies has been shooting the longbow for 20 years and instructing longbow archery for the past fifteen. He teaches archery to secondary school pupils and has been an archery captain for several re-enactment groups. He has written widely on the history and practice of archery in the Glade, the Journal of the Society of Archer Antiquaries and Skirmish. He has also written the only detailed guide to re-enactment archery for those wishing to recreate the archery of the medieval period. 

Participant Information

The course will be limited to 10 participants.

Please wear clothing suitable for the weather but avoid loose garments, as the majority of the day takes place out of doors. All necessary equipment will be provided by the tutor. Although archers are welcome to bring their own bows, their use will be at the discretion of the tutors. Some heavier bows may not be suitable for the arrows that we will be using, as bows and arrows should match for both accuracy and safety.

Additional health and safety information and a questionnaire will be sent to participants before the course. 

Fee & Refreshments

£80 per person. Tea and coffee is provided. The Museum café will be open for lunch, or you may bring a packed lunch. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance

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Sun 16 June 2024






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