Furniture exhibition: Just Champion

Friday 15 February to Friday 26 April 2019

‘Just Champion’: Replica furniture made for the Museum by Roger Champion since the 1970s.

In the Michael Burton Gallery, from 15 Feb until 26 April.

Master Carpenter Roger Champion has been involved in the work of the Weald & Downland Living Museum for many years, mainly on the dismantling and construction of the historic buildings in the early years and then his focus turned to creating the 247 pieces of furniture that you can now enjoy in buildings around the Museum. This special exhibition brings together a selection of this craftmanship into one space, provides his background information on the pieces, as well as images of the work in progress.

Roger will be in the gallery to give 10 minute talks on the following days:
2 March at 2pm
20 March, 2pm
30 March, 2pm (During the Historic Life Weekend: Museum Makers)
31 March, 2pm (During the Historic Life Weekend: Museum Makers)
4 April, 2pm
22 April, 2pm
(normal Museum entry rates apply)

Visitor feedback from the first couple of weeks:

Such versatility and understanding of the processes and thinking of previous eras – inspiring and unique display. Thank you for such dedication to the craft

Simply beautiful. Just Champion, Mr Champion

Really cool. I love it and so did my family. Can’t believe somebody hand-made these.

Fascinating collection from a truly talented craftsman. The history information boards are very interesting – thank you.