Exhibition: Museum Herbarium

Friday 10 May to Sunday 23 June 2019

Find out more about the plants in the six historic gardens at the Museum through this fascinating record, the Museum Herbarium.

In this exhibition you can discover what a herbarium is and how the specimens were collected. There are pages from the Museum herbarium on display. In addition, learn more about key figures in garden history, including Gerard and Culpeper.
This year we celebrate 30 years since the ‘Bayleaf Project’. This project included the creation of a garden for Bayleaf farmhouse. The exhibition includes plans, images and the account from the time.

Meet members of the gardens team who have worked on the herbarium in the exhibition. Join them on 13, 25, 29 May and 10, 22 June.

This exhibition is linked to two historic life weekends:
Ink, books and quills on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May
Midsummer and plantlore on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June

Beautiful and spacious exhibit. Interesting range of information ad lovely specimens. 10.5

Delighted by the whole exhibition. Such a lot of careful work. Who would have thought the herbarium workshop would lead to this. Christina Stapley, Medicinal Herbalist, 11.5