Sold out - Dowsing Day course

Dowsing Day

SOLD OUT – Please email courses@wealddown.co.uk to be added to the waiting list.

The Course

A day of discussion, practical demonstration, guidance and hands on experience will convince even the most sceptical of the value of this ancient craft.

The Tutor

Pete Redman trained in the sciences at Cambridge University, has been chief executive of some of the country’s leading housing organisations, and now works in the City. His father dowsed as an efficient way of surveying large estates for underground services and previous ground disturbance at a speed that beat all modern techniques. Pete looks forward to helping you achieve your first “find”.

Participant Information

This workshop will be limited to 14 participants to ensure everyone has sufficient individual attention. Please bring two wire coat hangers (in their original form). These will become your rods. Also bring some fine string, or thread, and a small weight to make a pendulum, and outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear.

Fee & Refreshments

£65 per person, to include tuition, teas and coffees.

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Sun 12 September 2021






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