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Carpentry demonstrations at the Museum

By 19 August 2015January 26th, 2021No Comments

We are pleased to announce that Mervyn Mewis, local carpenter, will be demonstrating his traditional carpentry skills in the Museum’s Windlesham Carpenter’s Shop each Wednesday and Thursday for the remainder of 2015. Here is Mervyn’s introductory blog about his work here at the Museum.

“My name is Mervyn Mewis and I am a woods worker with particular interests in woodland management, providing locally sourced timbers for traditional woodwork. The Windlesham Carpenter’s Shop became my part-time woodwork residence in June 2015.

The interior of the workshop has been left nearly as it was the day it was decommissioned in 1978, and was re-erected at Museum in 1980.

Windlesham carpenters workshop at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum

From the local woodlands comes timber such as oak, ash, beech, cherry, yew and other species – all have their place and uses; both in the woodland and in the carpenter’s shop.

Utilising the natural shape, form and qualities of the timber, my work covers furniture, in-particular statement chairs; and musical instruments including the Celtic Harp, Bowed Psalteries and Hammer Dulcimers.

Mervyns chairs

I am involved in most of the woodland-to-timber processes, from coppicing and charcoal making to making gates, fencing and countryside furniture.

Below is a recent memorial bench, made from local oak for the Weald & Downland Museum, which was made in-part at the carpenter’s shop and is now situated by the water mill.

Memorial bench

Depending on demand, there is always something to see being fashioned in the carpenter’s workshop, so come along and take a look.”

Mervyn’s full time business is called Green Wood Works and you can learn more about him, including his musical instruments and music, on his website.

Mervyn is usually working in the Museum’s carpenter’s workshop each Wednesday and Thursday during 2015.