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Wood carving courses at the Museum

By 15 July 2015January 11th, 2021No Comments

On 27 June, eight students arrived for a one-day course on wood carving held in the Gridshell building at the Museum.

During the day each student carved a ‘leaf shaped bowl’ from lime wood supplied. The course was led by Jess Jay and supported by John Vardon.

At the start, essential information was given on health and safety and the carving gouges being used. The students then spent the rest of the day carving the bowl, except for a brief interlude when Jess explained some of the basics of sharpening carving gouges.

All the students completed their carving although there was, in some cases, more ‘rubbing down’ to do at home. Based on the evaluation sheets the students had an enjoyable day and learnt a lot about wood carving.

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Three wood carving courses take place each year, which always fill up quickly. For further information about the Museum’s courses, visit our Historic Building Conservation and Traditional Rural Trades and Crafts course pages, where you can also sign up to receive our newsletters.