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Weald & Downland Living Museum reflect and celebrate VE Day 75

By 7 May 2020January 25th, 2021No Comments
VE Day 75th celebration at the Museum

Today marks 75 years since the sound of bombing and gun fire across Europe fell silent, and six years of heartache, pain and death would finally come to a halt, as World War II in Europe had come to an end.

On this day, as years of agony were officially over the light shone brightly and put an end to one of our darkest periods of current time.

Children, adults and families across the nation spilled onto the streets and filled the pubs to celebrate the end of the war. They sang, danced and laughed as colourful bunting and flags lined the streets of villages, towns and cities across Britain.

Soldiers went from fighting in the trenches, cities and towns across Europe to celebrating on home soil in the arms of loved ones.

The 75th anniversary will allow us to reflect on the intense strain World War II had on society and the determination, courage and sacrifice from those who gave their today, so we could have our tomorrow.

No matter their background, ethnicity or beliefs, people came together to fight for peace, unity, and freedom; for this we thank them for their ultimate sacrifice and we shall never forget them.

Let us unite and come together as one, to think about of all those who were involved and played their role in keeping us safe.

From everyone at the Weald & Downland Living Museum, we thank you, we will never forget you and we will celebrate for you.

VE Day 75 years