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Tree Dressing at the Museum

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Tree dressing at the Museum

The Museum’s Tree Dressing event (6 December 2015) takes place as part of National Tree Week, which falls during the first week of December each year.

The afternoon and evening will see song, dance and (of course) the dressing of our two Aspen trees with masses of beautifully decorated lanterns. But what is tree dressing? And why is it done?

The concept was first developed by the charity ‘Common Ground’. They sought to give trees the recognition they deserved for being such crucial, yet largely unappreciated, components of both human life and other wildlife in equal measure.

In 1990, they took to London’s Covent Garden, decorating a group of London Plane trees. 25 years later and ceremonies appreciating and celebrating mankind’s greatest ally, known as tree dressing days, are held up and down the country.

Inspired by Common Ground, the Green Man legends and other ancient customs celebrating the life-giving properties of trees and the natural world, our Tree Dressing event enables visitors to enjoy and join in with traditional songs, dances, plays and stories about trees and the countryside, led by Rabble and Mythago Morris.

jasperstree 064

The Mythago Morris Group performing at the 2012 event

Tree Dressing at the Museum

Guests will be invited to enjoy hot chestnuts, mulled cider and spiced biscuits (for a small donation), as well as to take part in National Tree Week activities, including crafting a beeswax candle (a small charge applies) and making a paper pot in which to plant an acorn.

From 12pm onwards, guests will also be able to make a colourful lantern and head dress before joining the Grand Procession at 3:45pm and hanging their lanterns from the Aspen Trees that form the centrepiece of our after dark celebration.

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Come and join the celebrations on Sunday 6 December and have a wonderful time, all whilst showing an appreciation for these true champions of the natural world.