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St Dunstan’s Day: Patron Saint of Blacksmiths

By 27 May 2015January 11th, 2021No Comments

St Dunstan being the patron saint of blacksmiths, the Museum held one of our regular blacksmiths’ get-togethers in honour of St Dunstan’s Day, which was 19 May.

The meetings are the ideal opportunity for our team of blacksmiths to all work together at the Museum’s smithy – it is a time to go over the practices and procedures for the forge, and also find time to cook some burgers and sausages.

Martin the cook

This year, the team hung gates made by the Alan and Nigel from our Tuesday team, so the smithy yard now looks complete. They also re-set one of the anvils. Martin, our head blacksmith, was also head chef and made a great job of cooking up the feast on his special brazier.

Blacksmiths fixing a gate at the Weald & Downland Museum

Many thanks to all the blacksmiths who work as a brilliant team providing superb interpretation of the smithy for our visitors, as well as producing many useful items that we need around the Museum.