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Giving back to our cherished nurses in celebration of International Nurse Day

By 11 May 2020January 26th, 2021No Comments
The Museum says thank you to nurses on International Nurse Day

Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to give back to our hard working nurses, so they can relax, enjoy and take a break from the stresses of the past few months?

What better way than by visiting a 40-acre site in the rolling hills of the South Downs National Park. A perfect place to unwind in a tranquil setting.

To show our appreciation and in celebration of ‘International Nurse Day’ on 12 May, we are enabling you, our wonderful supporters, to give back to the wonderful and hard working nurses, by saying thank you, in the form of a day at the Museum.

For every ‘Thank You’ ticket you purchase for a nurse, the Museum will match it, ticket-for-ticket!

‘Thank You’ tickets will be available for purchase from 12 May until the Museum can reopen. All tickets will be allocated to local NHS nurses and the nurses working in the care home sector.

Purchase your ‘Thank You’ ticket today!

Drone footage of the Museum